The Doha Film Institute’s 7th Ajyal Film Festival, the annual cinema event which kicks off today at Karata Cultural Village, is celebrating the art of storytelling with ARC — a multimedia exhibition featuring eclectic artworks as part of the Ajyal Creativity Hub.

Together with Qatar’s largest pop culture event Geekdom and the musical programme Ajyal Tunes, ARC represents some of the varied forms of creative expression featured at Ajyal 2019.

Showcasing new works by 19 of Qatar’s most promising artists and creative talents, ARC will be open to the public from 10am to 10pm from November 19 to 21 and from 2pm to 10pm on November 22 at Katara Building 19, Gallery 1. The exhibition invites visitors to follow the chronological path of narrative through multimedia art pieces divided into three distinct parts— Setup, Confrontation, and Resolution.

Fatma Hassan Alremaihi, Festival Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Doha Film Institute, said: “The art of storytelling is a fundamental aspect of human nature, and Ajyal 2019 presents the work of local artists in storytelling through an immersive experience that gives our audiences insights to expressions from around the world.”

The exhibition pays tribute to the determination and dedication of Qatar’s thriving creative communities in media and visual art forms, exposing audiences to unique new forms of expression and reflection on cultural identity and storytelling perspectives.

“Building on the success of the LeBlockade and Re-Action art exhibits of previous festival editions, ARC fully integrates a broad spectrum of narrative techniques to convey the vast possibilities for creative storytelling,” said Khalifa Bin Abdulla Al-Thani, ARC Curator. “We are proud to continue to move outside the boundaries of traditional exhibition with a diverse range of mediums that Qatar’s most exciting emerging artists are using in their expressions of identity and culture.”

ARC will host two exclusive panel discussions where artists will share with audiences the unique insight and creative foundations of their works. Moderated by Abdulaziz Yousef and featuring Qatari artists Ibrahim Al-Baker, Buthaina Al-Zaman and Roda Ahmad Al-Thani, “Storytelling & The Qatari Identity” will take place at 6pm on November 19. “Creativity Beyond Borders: The Yemeni Identity” at 6pm on November 21 will be moderated by Sana Uqba and featuring Yemeni artists Shaima Al-Tamimi and Ammar Al-Qamash. Both discussions will be open to the public at Katara Building 19, Gallery 1.

Participating artists include: Majid Al-Remaihi, Kholood Al-Ali, Abdulaziz Yousef, Shaima Al-Tamimi, Anfal Al-Kandari, Noor Al-Nasr, Fatima Moussa, Roda Ahmad Al-Thani, Ibrahim Al-Baker, Maria Ovsyannikova, Abrar Jenahi, Haytham Sharrouf, Alaa Bata, Ammar Al-Qamash, Maryam Al-Homaid, Abeer Al-Kuwari, Ashma Guiamadin, Hayyan Omar, and Bothayna Al-Zaman. Just as every great narrative path is shaped by an arc, this exhibition traverses the various points in each artist’s story through the visual expressions of our unique trajectories, ideas and experiences.

Source: The Peninsula